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Our power votes did it again! ‘Crush’ was voted video of the week on Musiqtone. Time to show some love to ‘Crush’ – stream it on Musiqtone:

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SS [The Scenestar]: Benjamin, you had mentioned David Archuleta being a guilty pleasure on a KCRW interview.
BC [Benjamin Curtis]: That was on one specific tour, and we listened to the hell out of that David Archuleta album.
AD [Alley Deheza]: [Laughs] I love that “Crush” song. So good.

Full interview: The Scenestar

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According to David Daily, this took place on February 3, 2009, when David visited Lite Rock 99.3 FM in Melbourne, Florida

Top 10 Love Songs : The Crush

Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. Most of us can think of particular songs we associate with the love relationships of our lives. In the first of a 5 part series on love songs, here are the top 10 love songs that deal with that giddy first flush of love – the crush. Songs are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the artist.

10. David Archuleta – “Crush” (2008)

David Archuleta just really needs to know. He’s both hypnotized and mesmerized, and, “This crush ain’t going away…” The love of a 17 year old is unfolding.

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Top 10 ‘American Idol’ Songs

With each ‘American Idol‘ season, without fail, we fall in love with these unknown, small town voices and vote on our favorites. We listen to the judges’ critiques, but in the end, we, the viewers, decide who stays in the running, where finalists hope the show will jump-start their careers and commercialize their talent. Covering the past eight seasons, here are the Top ‘American Idol’ Songs that have dominated the airwaves.

01 ‘Crush’ David Archuleta

The seventh season runner-up finished strong, receiving 44 percent of the 97 million votes. But it’s not surprising ‘Crush’ was such a hit (and our No.1 ‘American Idol’ song) — Jackson said Archuleta could “sing the phone book” and it would still sound great. Growing up in the ‘American Idol’ generation, he became one of the youngest contestants to participate.

Full article: AOL Radio Blog

Just for fun, a fan cover of ‘Crush’ in Spanish:

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David Archuleta, Crush (2,000 weekly/1.977 million total)
David Archuleta, Something ‘Bout Love (1,000/64,000)

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Also, some end-of-the-year sales numbers from Idol Chatter:

David Archuleta

  • David Archuleta(764,000 units total)
  • Christmas From the Heart (1,000 weekly/246,000 total)
  • The Other Side of Down(3,000/63,000)
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