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Jul 022012

From @DavidArchie:

Here is another BTS picture I took at the BEGIN. photo shoot. It was nice to get outside for some of the pictures. (ks)


From @DeseretBook:

Prepping for the new @DavidArchie album. Pre-order is still 20% off! #BE @ Deseret Book – Corporate Office


Created to musically portray his connection to God, this album is filled with some of modern music’s most moving contemporary songs such as “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, and “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

These songs, together with a selection of upbeat melodies such as “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2 and a completely original, never-before-heard song written by David, are sure to make this album an enormous success.

Pre-order “BEGIN.” on Deseret Book now!

Here are some pictures from the signing today!

From @rhiminee :

From @Heather4JT :

From @ArchieFanDocAFS :

David has a signing session going on at the Deseret Book store in Boise, Idaho!

From @Archugeezer :

From @kariontour :

2 hours and going strong.

From @natalieSOfly :

Just met David Archuleta NBD :)

From @DavidArchie :

Last signing for the week is tonight at 6:30 PM in downtown Salt Lake at the JSMB building!

Woops, you’re right! The signing is actually at Deseret Book on South Temple! RT @djoorhontshoyn are you sure it’s not across the street.

From @ambforevah:

Link of me singing for @DavidArchie tonight: Thank you so much David! You are amazing :)

Pics from @gemzone :

Here is Ashlee and @DavidArchie

From @gemzone courtesy of her friend Danielle:

From @ambforevah :

@DavidArchie is such a nice person (:

These ones below are from Deseret Book FB :

Waiting in line to meet David Archuleta

Credit: ziffle77

Video from KSL News!

Check out more pictures from the KSL photo gallery HERE!



From @Nellie1983 :

From @Mecheee_ :

Here is @DavidArchie, he was signing autographs and i got one (: & he is beautiful.

From @courtneeychen :

From @gemzone :

From @ambforevah :

He signed my arm:) @DavidArchie oh he is my favorite. I loved meeting him again!!!

From @Peace_Love_Kell :

Me and @DavidArchie :’)

Video from the signing:

Credit: SRHS83

The CDs that were autographed by David are now available to order on Deseret Book! Click below to get yours!

And here’s a video of David signing the CDs :

Credit: DeseretBook

David Archuleta is signing 5,000 copies of his new CD with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, “Glad Christmas Tidings.” Will one of them be yours?

So, it looks like David is going to have a signing session this November at not 1 Deseret Book store, but 3!!

According to this tweet from @DeseretBook :

@DavidArchie will sign at 3 Utah Deseret Book stores -11/21 U-Village @ 4pm, 11/22 Ft Union @4pm, and 11/25 downtown SLC store @7:30pm.

Deseret Book-University village in Orem, Utah also posted this on their facebook page :

Keep checking David’s official website for word on this as well!

UPDATE: The Official Site has confirmed this event:

David Archuleta and Mormon Tabernacle Choir jump to No. 2 on Deseret Book chart

The top-selling music CD’s and DVD’s at Deseret Book for the week that commenced Sept. 5 were:

1. This is the Christ – Mormon Tabernacle Choir
2. Glad Christmas Tidings (above, feat. David Archuleta)
3. Wish Upon a Star – Jenny Oaks Baker
4. The Work: A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries
5. Popcorn Bopping

1. Glad Christmas Tidings
2. Mormon Messages
3. Opening Isaiah
4. Midway to Heaven
5. Nephi and the Brass Plates; The Tree of Life Animated Stories

Full article: The Salt Lake Tribune

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