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The title says it all…he may be on his mission now but we are all still here waiting for his return! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID ARCHULETA!!! See you all in 2013. #DA2014.

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Dec 282011

A very special day for a very special guy as he turns the BIG 2-1! Happy Birthday David Archuleta!!! With every year, with every challenge and with every milestone, David keeps growing wiser and stronger; always true to himself, and being a positive light to the world just by being himself.

David, we love you! Wishing you an AWESOME 21st filled with family, friends, great times, and lots of great food of course! :)

To all Archies, there’s a twitter trending party for David’s Birthday! So join in the fun and include Happy Birthday David Archuleta and #Happy21stDavidArchie in your tweets today!

Happy Birthday to David – Beaver Creek MKOC Tour VIP

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Trending topics! From @SunnyHilden :

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this video. I’m gonna *die* from the singing.

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Dec 292010

No longer a teen!! Happy Birthday David!! ;)

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The young man I dubbed “The Chosen One” on American Idol’s Seventh Season amazingly turns 20 today.

I could write a whole book just on my David memories, of which there have been many many over the years (and many of them will be found in my upcoming book).  Everyone who was present in the Idoldome that will forever remember him as a genuine take your breath away powerful performer.  

One of the most terrifying experiences of my Idol career was when I took my life in my hands and watched a David performance from the mosh pit.  At the time I wrote:

They say that when you are near the center of a hurricane it sounds like a locomotive roaring straight toward you.  Well, when you are in the mosh pit during a David Archuleta performance it sounds like a hurricane about to level you to your foundations, break through your levee, flood your basements and render your neighborhood uninhabitable for generations.  The shrieking starts at the first mention of his name.  It increases when his face appears projected on the screen and explodes when The Chosen One steps onto the stage.  Girls jump up and down, bubble over in tears and scream, “I love you!” throughout his time on stage.  At the breaks, he waves to the screamers with his trademark “Aww, cut it out, you guys!” impossible-not-to-love embarrassed grin.  Being in the center of this whirlwind of ecstasy is not an experience a grownup should dive into unprepared, although many ladies of a certain age in the pit seemed to get pretty well carried away by it.

David always seemed both wise and innocent beyond his years.  On the tour after s7 I talked with him about growing up on stage, and will always recall the touching answer he gave:

When I ask him how at his age he became so committed to and serious about music instead of the more frivolous concerns of most youths, David gives an extremely touching answer that gets me more than a little choked up. Of singing, he tells me: “I’ve just always loved to do it.” He tells me how he’s never felt comfortable or natural at expressing himself in words and conversation, but that he learned early that with music he could make people understand what he was feeling and what was going on inside him.  “And you don’t even have to get the words right. If you sing they can connect with you,” he added.

It was as though he grew up far beyond his years on stage, while in real life, he struggled to keep up, stumbling to find the words.

And then there was one of the greatest adventures on my Idol journey, getting trapped in an elevator with the Archuleta family, the siblings singing throughout our hour long ordeal.  To this day, I have never met a nicer more heartwarming bunch than the Archuletas.  And in that I include his father Jeff, who was always a truly considerate gentleman with me.

Since Idol, David has gone on to record some fantastic songs and whenever I see him, when he comes back to visit the Idoldome I am awestruck at how through it all he has retained the almost supernatural sweetness that has won him so many fans, as strong off-stage as on.  

Happy birthday David!

(photo by me from Season 7’s Top 12 party)

Source: Idol Inferno

What if David Archuleta…

Posted by ferjiperj at 3:38 pm
Feb 252010

Calls you?

Would you scream? and Die?

This woman right here is very, VERY VERY lucky to receive a phone call from him.



I won a contest and the prize was a phone call from David Archuleta! He called me and we talked about some sweet stuff! He’s so nice! and then at the end he sang happy birthday to me because my birthday was last week :] totally made my day!

Tweet her here. :) I can’t get over, she’s one SUPER LUCKY woman!

Happy birthday, Amber!

Posted by ferjiperj at 4:15 pm
Feb 182010

♪♫♪♫ Happy Birthday to youuuuu! Happy Birthday to youuuu!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, ♪♫♪♫

Happy Birthday Dear Amber!!!

Swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Have a good one!

Uhmmmm.. Mr. David Archuleta, what’s your gift for her? :D

Sep 082009

Wowwww! Happy Archuversary AAM! I don’t know what to say. The video that you made was very touching, made me cry. Awwww. You need not to know that but ummm, just watch it!

A video to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Archuleta Avenue Malaysia and celebrate David’s journey thus far and also as an encouragement for fans of David to continue supporting him. I chose this song as I felt it potrayed what we as fans felt and would want David to know – That no matter what happens, through thick or thin, David, you will NEVER be alone. We’ll be there to support you ALWAYS.
This video is dedicated to all fellow AAM-ers and all fans of David that are out there loving and supporting him. Hope you’ll be blessed by this simple video :)


(the audio might be a little soft, especially at the end, so feel free to blast your speakers lol)

Song:Never Alone by Lady Antebellum

Pictures, audios and videos are obtained from various sources. No copyright infringement intended.


Leave ‘em your love here and here. Again, Happy Birthdayyyy! <333

Happy Birthday Ashlee!

Posted by frogcooke at 12:34 pm
Aug 172009

David’s friend from Utah, Ashlee, has been on tour with him for over a week. It’s great to have friends with you on the road. Someone to talk to and a friendly face! She’s also cute, and lovely and awesome!

Today is her birthday! How awesome is that?

So as we Archie’s like to do around here, there was a nice little video made wishing her Happy Birthday!
The ever awesome Nesquick, cool dude from the UK, compiled some pics and vids from fans into a video. Isn’t he the best? Yay for Nes!


Psstt David and Ashlee are so cute together. Just saying.  Don’t you think? ahaha

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