so this might be the nth number of post on the same topic, but i HAD to do it!:)


Cute as a button!<33 so handsome too!! it’s so awesome David could be there and have the best time!:)

P.S: I see you there, stinker of a left red eye and you ain’t pretty!

Jan 042010

I was gonna update my previous post about David at Ihop, but the title says at Ihop so here’s a new post.

Blah blah. Don’t mind my morning rambling. haha! Here’s the photo that Jackie Castro twitted:

Jackie Castro, David Archuleta, Jackie's Friend

They.. look good together.. don’t they? :D


Found another photo in Facebook. (Okay, whom shall I give credits for this? haha)

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Castro and David Archuleta

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