“Here is David Archuleta… arguably the most well-known man in the state of Utah…”


This is a special footage from David Archuleta’s halftime performance during the Utah Blaze vs Vipers game, April 10, 2010. Also shown is the special interview of David Archuleta by the sportscasters, touching on his halftime performance & his participation in making Jonah Gomez’ wish come true via the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Watch how David was asked to judge one of the sportscasters who decided to audition to him with Neil Diamond’s “America”. This is another exclusive footage by Jesse Christensen of XXL Sports.

Credit: jackryan4DA

Ninja David is at it again. And with a cute little boy, Jonah, from Make A Wish, no less.

From Deseret News:

DREAMCOMETRUE: Along with the players, Make-A-Wish recipient, six-year-old Jonah Gomez went through the line to get a ring with his favorite player, Beckerman. The festivities continued for Gomez at halftime as David Archuleta performed alongside the youngster with sickle-cell disease, even handing the microphone to the young crowd-pleasure for a few bars, becoming an instant crowd favorite.


So the big surprise… David Archuleta sang “Touch My Hand” with Jonah at the Real Salt Lake halftime!!!

Some photos from RSL’s flickr:

For more photos of David and Jonah at the RSL, go to RSL’s flickr pages 6 to 9.

At Jonah’s practice with Jonah’s mom:


“Touch My Hand”


Credit: hilary1mileyfan

A segment of little Jonah hitting the high notes on “Touch My Hand”

Credit: Jasmine11394

Credit: katnme2

From Make-A-Wish Utah Facebook:

Another surprise for Jonah was David Archuleta’s idea to sing with him at halftime of the game. Little Jonah had no clue until he walked to midfield, and he did such an AMAZING job!! The crowd went wild when he hit the high notes on his solo part!

David and Jonah on ABC4 News:


Interview with Jonah (David appears briefly at 1:29):


Credit: Roxfox01

From @DavidArchie:

Taking my buddy Jonah from Make A Wish to meet the Real Salt Lake Soccer team! He’s all geared up! I’ll send a picture

http://twitpic.com/1ebyh1 – Me and Jonah in the limo!

Had a great time hanging with Jonah! What a cool kid. Just soundchecked for tonight. Anyone coming out to the Blaze game??? :)

Holy moly! The limo that David and Jonah rode in.


On Good Things Utah (opener)


On Good Things Utah (opener Part 2)


Interview on Good Things Utah


Giving Blaze game tickets to Jonah (Make A Wish) on Good Things Utah


Credit: zippygreen6

Another Interview on Good Things Utah video:


Credit: Archiedorable

Or you can watch the interview on the GTU website.

Meet and Greet pictures


Poor BB looking tired from just 2 hours of sleep. :(


Shelley and David


Luis and David


Utah Blaze half-time

What the?! I never knew David’s childhood dream was to ride a cool bike with chew chew chewbacca.



Credit: ShelleyFOD

Riding a Harley with Sasquatch, the Blaze’s mascot





Credit: branndy50





Happy Birthday to Mama Lupe!!

Leaving the stage


Credit: southerngirl1982

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