The photo book has many beautiful photos taken by Naree (@nareejo) from last year’s concerts in Manila. These are very unique photos. It was donated by David’s Abuelita. Archuleta Fan Scene obtained the signature from David with his blessing in the hopes it would be used to raise money for worthy cause. We have been holding onto it for the right time. David loves his fans from the Philippines and they need our immediate help!!! The floods have caused devastation in Manila and the surrounding areas and have left many homeless.
100 % of this auction will go to the ARCH/AP Flood Drive which has been set up to raise money for the flood victims as well as collect items for them, all in David’s name. For more information on this worthy cause, click HERE.
Winner will also receive a Good Place certificate and awareness bracelet for making the world a good place by helping those in need. For more information on the Good Place project, click here

To bid on the photo book, go to StarsUnite For Charity! Auction ends Aug 15, 2012 at 21:50.

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Cool new vlog from David of his first week in the Philippines!

From theofficialarchuleta:

A little look into my first week in Manila from the arrival, to filming “Nandito Ako” and other things that we had going on.

From @kariontour:

Day 7 of shooting running smoothly!

@AnjaliArchie each scene is different. Multiple scenes r shot in a day. i think 1 day they did 30 but that does not mean David is in every1

@iiMariel we are on day 7 of shooting!

fun with @louisian_nieto @thirdeeduran @anagfeleo on the set

And here’s a lovely pic of the Nandito Ako cast with Director, Mac Alejandre :

From @macalejandre :

David, jas, gelli, ana, mon, byron, at ako. :)

@noivcalderon tnx tita noi. David is an angel. Mamahalin nyo sya tita. Maka Diyos. Tama ang values. Mabait. :)

From @IvoryMusicVideo:

Don’t forget to catch David Archuleta this Saturday, January 28, 2012 at SM Southmall, Las Piñas City, 11am…

From @Astroplus1:

THIS IS CONFIRMED, DAVID ARCHULETA FANS! See you guys on Saturday, January 28 at 1:30PM at the SM Mall of Asia…

From @pinantonio:

I went to the shoot with David A. And re shape his hair again , grew too fast! Then going to Salon to attend to my appts! ❤

From @MyDearWriter:

Still working on this. Yes- that’s @DavidArchie ’s name. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

From @jascurtissmith:

Lunch first then a short siesta before heading to the set of #NanditoAko :) where’s the food at?

From @anagfeleo:

I’m truly grateful to be part of #NanditoAko :) I’m learning so much while having so much fun!

@RJ0717@anagfeleo We think @kariontour is the best road manager! Big shoes to fill for you? ;) ”hahaha! kari! are you reading this?!?

More media videos:

Credit: TV5Philippines

Credit: JRforDA2012

From Yahoo! Voices by Pamela Pike:

Can David Archuleta Expect Success in 2014?

David Archuleta is stepping away from the spotlight and taking a hiatus from the music industry to embark on a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And that has caused some discussion among fans, disappointing news for some, and exciting support from others.

The questions that surface are many. Can David make a successful comeback after two years? Will his fans be there when he returns?

In 1996 Michael Jackson had a weak records sales, and end to a marriage and a career threatening scandal. Frank Sinatra went from prince to pauper in the 50′s and a scandalous love affair helped close more doors in Hollywood.

Elvis Presley the 50′s rock and roll legend starred in some cheesy Hollywood musicals from 1964 to 1966 until he wowed a national TV audience in 1968.

In 1966 Elvis went to RCA studios in Nashville to make a gospel album, “How Great Thou Art’, which proved to be a milestone in Elvis’s career. It won him a Grammy. This was during a time of personal and professional struggle. The broadcast of his television special, Elvis, put him back on top.

Gloria Estefan is paving her way for a comeback in the American music market, with “Miss Little Havana”. She has been out of the spotlight for almost a decade. And Shania Twain is making a comeback in Vegas which will last until December 2012. A few years back her marriage fell apart and now has reinvented herself at Caesar’s Palace.

We know how these careers flourished and now all have a place in pop-history. Can David do the same? My personal opinion is yes, but I wanted to put the question to a couple of experienced people in the music industry who are huge fans of David Archuleta.

Michael Orland, Arranger and Associate Musical Director from American Idol, and Dorian Holley his former coaching partner from Idol who is now the lead singer for the Tonight Show Band took time out of their busy schedules and had the following to say:

“David Archuleta has one of the most beautiful voices of any contestants on the show.” They remember watching Hollywood week on TV, a couple weeks before they were to go in to get to work on the Top 24 David was onstage singing. One of the background singers was just behind him, weeping uncontrollably at the beauty of his voice. Dorian said, “I kept rewinding to watch my friend Lynn Fiddmont cry, and to enjoy the pure sound he made. The best part about David, though, is he has a smile and a spirit to match his great voice. Coaching him was a pleasure.”

As to David’s decision to break away from music for a bit, both Michael and Dorian felt that it is a big one. They said, “There will always be the question as to whether or not he will be greeted with open arms; will his music be embraced again? “We say yes. People who love him will still love him when he returns; provided he is making music they want to hear. In some ways a break will help him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Most importantly, David must do what his heart tells him, and what is more important than traveling and helping others? We believe music fans will be eager to hear a David Archuleta CD in two or three years, when he is ready, and when he has something deeper and more interesting to say, more power to him.”

To find out more about Michael Orland please go to and Dorian Holley

Passion is the one thing that makes most artists successful and when they come back they provide us with good music. Their love and desire to create music is what gives them their success. Most artists already have a good fan base that would support them, and they end up with many more new fans upon their return.

David Archuleta is an artist that has a great following and can come back again, and his fans will be waiting.

Excerpts from Covington & Mapple Valley Reporter:

With her smooth and gracious moves at Kent’s ShoWare Center, Kimmie Meissner showed how much fun life can be as a professional ice skater.

She found out during the Pandora holiday ice show in November in Phoenix the thrill of skating to live music when she performed to David Archuleta singing “What Child is This?”

“I have this huge crush on him, so it was hard,” she said about working with Archuleta, the 2008 “American Idol” runner-up. “But he has such a beautiful voice and put so much into his song that I wanted to do that with my program. I think it raises the level of your skating sometimes.”

Jan 162012

David Archuleta gears up for Nandito Ako, his TV5 mini-serye
Sasha Lim Uy | Published: Jan 17, 2012 – 11:11am

( January has been a starry month for the Philippines, so far. After the much-hyped Bourne Legacy filming on Leveriza Street, another international celebrity has landed on our shores, one who needs little introduction.

David Archuleta, who has been to the Philippines three times prior to this latest visit, arrived in Manila on Friday morning, January 13 and made a beeline for a press conference shortly after landing. But don’t go looking for tickets to his concert. The 21-year-old crooner is here for an entirely different project, something that requires minimal singing. Archuleta is set to star in the latest TV5 mini-serye Nandito Ako with Jasmine Curtis and Eula Caballero.

The American Idol alum will play Josh, a Filipino-American singer who returns to his native country. Apart from singing the eponymous Filipino theme song, Archuleta is slated to shoot in the Philippines for an intense three weeks. The program is one of his final commitments before taking a sabbatical from the public eye to fulfill a two-year proselytizing mission for his church. sat down with the newest TV5 star as he talked about acting, becoming more mature, and why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

On preparing for his first main acting gig:
“I sort of took (a class) in New York before I came over here. It wasn’t exactly like a class… The lady that I worked with was great. She helped me kind of loosen up. It made me look forward to doing this and that it’ll be fun.”
“She just really taught me (that) instead of how people sometimes get caught in reading the lines, saying the lines, and acting out the lines, she focused on how I could relate to what the words were even if it wasn’t me. For the most part the character I’m playing is very much me which is nice but there are parts where you have to pretend. So how can you still put yourself in there? How can you still connect? She was great at teaching me to find exercises on how to do that.”

On what kind of drama we’ll expect from him:
“I guess it’s pretty dramatic. There are pretty dramatic scenes in it. It’s right up the alley of (usual) dramas. Like there are parts where I get separated from my mom, and there’s a fire—like that. So it is dramatic. And there are other things going on. Like whatever love triangle is going on. Ha ha ha.”

On the actor he looks up to:
“I guess Johnny Depp. Just because it was interesting to see how he was in interviews, talking, and just the kind of person he tended to be, and then seeing how he got into character when it was time to act.”

On whether he’s going for a more mature image now that he’s 21:
“I guess? I don’t know if I’m ever going to mature. Ha ha ha. I feel like I’m never going to grow up, to be honest, but we’ll see. Whatever happens naturally, that’s what I keep thinking.”

On who he wants to collaborate with in the future:
“I would love to collaborate with Natalie Cole because for me she’s like a legend. She was such a huge inspiration to me. You know, a lot of the inspirations I grew up with, they may not be alive anymore, but she’s one of those people, who, for me is a living legend so I would love to get a chance to do something with her. For some reason, when I was 11 years old, I just loved Natalie Cole. And her dad was Nat King Cole, too.”

On eventually pursuing acting:
“You never know. I never saw myself doing that but just like anything, it opens a door. Let’s see what comes. It’s interesting to see what my thoughts are on acting after this experience because this will be my first. I did do iCarly and Hannah Montana but it was really short, very brief. I just had to be myself.”

On his religious mission:
“It’s very much focused on service—service to people in other communities and being able to change them. It’s also very much about sacrifice. For me, it was very hard because there would be a lot to sacrifice but that was my personal reason why I wanted to go—because of what you sacrifice and what you learn through sacrifice. Not having my family, my career, securer things in my life, I know in a way I will grow a lot which I haven’t been able to, yet. I’m looking forward to it.”

On what strikes him most about the Philippines:
“The number one thing in any place is people. That’s always the thing that strikes me; it’s what I remember the most in anywhere I go, especially here in the Philippines. The people here have always been very gracious, very friendly, and just very supportive. Every single time that we’ve come here, it’s always been [a] great and amazing experience.”

On why it’s more fun in the Philippines:
“I can say that I’ve always had a blast in the Philippines so it’s fun for me when I come here. It’s great.”

Photo by Marla Miniano


Jan 162012

From @kariontour:

Early start day!

@HeyItsDavidhere Bradley! [in reply to @HeyItsDavidhere@kariontour what's josh's last name?]

@hollyreFOD lol your the only one the caught that! It was still early! We got to set at 6:15 for David to turn into “Josh” [in reply to @hollyreFOD@kariontour Good thing you and @DavidArchie aren't part of the crew. What time do you guys have to be there?]

@LSCtheliverlady no early to bed here. Late nights and early mornings! But yes much different than tour!

@LSCtheliverlady bing bing bing! You win! [in reply to @LSCtheliverlady@kariontour I say Josh is 22..that's how old he looks 2 me]

Not too clear but a pic from a scene today!

Now interviews while they change the set up for the next scene.

From @mykapalaran:

@DavidArchie rehearsing lines with @kariOnTour #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

VIDEO: @DavidArchie break first before shooting his next scene. #FollowArchuleta#NanditoAko

@DavidArchie done for the day. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

Look @jascurtissmith @oheulacaballero #INDONESIA #NanditoAko

@DavidArchie with Kapatid Star @alwynzky #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

More @DavidArchie #NanditoAko #FollowArchuleta

From @MyDearWriter:

With @DavidArchie at the story conference of Nandito Ako. Yes I cropped myself out hahaha #OhMyJosh #followarchuleta

From @macalejandre:

Up and about. Taping in a while. Mabuhay! :) )))

From @jascurtissmith:

Today will be mine and @oheulacaballero‘s first taping day for #NanditoAko :) can’t wait!! Woke up way too early.

Ok quick revision of the script then will get some shuteye! 6 am calltime :p

From @TV5manila:

To all the fans of @DavidArchie, we will be uploading a clip of him singing a few lines of “Nandito Ako” tomorrow! #followarchuleta

From @louisian_nieto:

@DavidArchie It’s his 2nd day at #NanditoAko shoot, cute scenes with @oheulacaballero and @jascurtissmith .. Very soon on @TV5manila

From @anagfeleo:

here na on the set of #NanditoAko :) day 2:)

pack up :) thank you Lord for yet another productive taping day at tv5′s #NanditoAko :) dave is such a darling!!!

From @mjmarfori:

@DavidArchie says he can’t wait to try authentic halo-halo.

From @PublicityAsia:

CONFIRMED: @PENSHOPPE is the official clothing sponsor of DAVID ARCHULETA @DavidArchie in the Philippines for TV5! #FollowPENSHOPPE ☺


THANKS @DavidArchie for wearing PENSHOPPE! All the best to your TV5 project @archuletaphils #FollowPENSHOPPE

Media videos:

Credit: yanweiz

Credit: jtmlm1234

Credit: JRforDA2012

Credit: jenifeesh

More buzz: Manila Bulletin; BusinessWorld; BusinessMirrorExaminer

Something random from a few days ago: David wishing a fan happy birthday

From @kariontour:

Start of the day today. In hair and make up for the photo shoot for the show.

How do you guys like this look?

From @reesespeezes:

@DavidArchie getting ready for his still shots #followarchuleta #NanditoAko

Finishing touches… #followarchuleta #NanditoAko

From TV5:

Good Morning mga Kapatid! Starting things off with David’s pictorial for “Nandito Ako”. Don’t forget to check out #FollowAchuleta site for more updates. :)

From @reesespeezes:

Guess who’s really happy that Nandito Ako is trending? :) #followarchuleta @TV5manila

From @pinantonio:

I did the hair of David A.

My Son Andrai and David A. During our pictorial!

From the mini-series director @macalejandre:

David archuleta and I : ) mabuhay!

From  @mykapalaran:

VIDEO: @DavidArchie taping spiels early today. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

Video: Silip sa photoshoot ng #NanditoAko lead @DavidArchie #FollowArchuleta

From  @TV5manila:

#FollowArchuleta will now head to@DavidArchie ’s recording :-)

From @oheulacaballero:

@DavidArchie is soooooo professional! :) You’ll know soon what makes me say this. Done with the pictorial, photoshoot and story conference:)

More behind-the-scenes photos from :

Jan 122012

At David’s press conference:

From @kariontour :

First press conference of the day! Lots of questions being asked!

The livestream of the press conference and the fan interviews from ArchuletaPhilippines:

Press Conference:


Credit: Abrra58

Credit: PinoyArchiesOfficial

Credit: PEPMediabox

Credit: news5philippines

Credit: TV5Philippines

Credit: ascphil

Fan meeting:

Credit: Abrra58

Credit: JRforDA2012

Invitation by David to

Credit: TV5Philippines

From @kariontour :

Still going strong. Now the one on one with the press for 2 hours!

From @luigene:

Photo with international Kapatid star,@DavidArchie. The guy’s so bait. :)  #followArchuleta

From @reesespeezes :

David Archuleta is one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever met. Such a sweetheart! We’re so lucky to have him as a kapatid!

From @DinnoErece:

David Archuleta giggling

From @percinotpercy:

Here’s my moment today. Welcome to @TV5Manila David! #FollowArchuleta

And to all the fans, I know now why you love @DavidArchie. Genuinely nice guy. Definitely up there on my list of nicest people I know.

Photos from @nareejo:

how can somebody look this good after an 18 hour flight???!!! … only David

@keepmenear @lorms want another? we were so near, i barely had to zoom

ARCHUGAZE …he looked at me .. i think i will be jelluss if he looks at jasmn and eula this way…lol

i need a break… too much beauty is too hot to handle …. uhmm warning??

More press con photos on

Some nuggets of info:

From @mykapalaran:

@jehanlovesdavid he’ll be here in Manila for 3 weeks :)

At the TV5 contract signing earlier:

From @luigene :

More buzz: PEP; InterAksyon; I am Jammed; Associated Press; Juicy Express; The Hollywood Reporter; Manila Bulletin; Yahoo Philippines is updating with pics, vids, etc of David in the Philippines! Click below:

David arrives in Manila!! And an EPIC welcome-back to David from the Filipino fans!

Filipino Archies at the airport:

From @lorms :

From @PinoyArchie:


@lorms :

With @oheulacaballero and @jascurtissmith #WelcomeToThePhilippinesDavid #FollowArchuleta @TV5manila @archuletaphils

Awww Eula and Jasmine were there to welcome David too:)

From Chuck Allie :

From mjmarfori’s tumblr :

From @kariontour! :

Let the fun begin! Thanks for the warm welcome Manila!

Here is ArchuletaPhilippine’s amazing livestream of David’s arrival recorded!

And here is a youtube of the livestream from Abrra58!:

More videos from the airport!

Credit: TV5Philippines

Credit: JRforDA2012

Videos from TV5Philippines:

Fans talk about David:

How the project started:


At the van with @DavidArchie heading to the hotel. He’s very touched to see so many fans at the airport to greet him.

More buzz: Manila Bulletin

More great arrival pics at

Also, check out PEP’s photo album!

The TV5 crew in Manila announced that David would be starring in their new primetime series!!!

From @TV5manila :

From : :

Also, a write-up on

In an official announcement posted on its website, the broadcasting network said Archuleta will “do a primetime series with homegrown Kapatid stars Jasmin Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero.”

Archuleta, who turned 21 just last December 28, has been one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters in America since placing second in the 2008 running of ‘American Idol’, the hugely popular singing competition in the United States.

The signing of Archuleta is seen to further boost the attempts of TV5, currently the third biggest broadcasting network in the Philippines, to climb up the rankings. ( is the online news portal of TV5.)

The network has aggressively been signing Philippine superstars over the past two years, in 2011 drawing up contracts for the legendary Nora Aunor and “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta. TV5 also earlier signed deals with, among others, actresses Ruffa Gutierrez, Maricel Soriano, Lorna Tolentino, and Alice Dixon, and actors Aga Muhlach, Edu Manzano, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and legendary actor-comedian Dolphy for a variety of entertainment programs.

Archuleta’s joining TV5 comes from left field, however. The signing of an international star of Archuleta’s youth and talent, arguably in his prime, is bound to shake up the Philippine entertainment industry.

Excitement on twitter!:)

From one of David’s co-stars, Jasmine Curtis Smith – @jascurtissmith :

From :

MANILA — International pop star and American Idol finalist David Archuleta will be doing a primetime soap with the Kapatid Network.

The singer-songwriter will topbill an upcoming project with TV5 princesses Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

In a statement released Sunday afternoon on “Paparazzi”, the 21-year-old artist is expected to arrive in Manila this January 13. (Sunnex)

Here’s a video of the announcement that was made during the show “Paparazzi”:

Credit: TV5Philippines

Clip from Paparazzi announcing David Archuleta as the new Kapatid talent. He’ll be doing a TV series in the Philippines.

It’s now confirmed on David’s official website!!:)

My DALIM3 Experience! :D from Andrea L. on Vimeo.

Source: Andrea L.

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