This is a sad season. Let us take a quiet moment to mourn for Michael Johns’ passing (as I’m sure David is doing) and pray for his family and loved ones:

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(She tweeted that this was from earlier on, after the Hollywood Reporter Photoshoot)

After the shoot with @DavidArchie & @michael_johns Miss you guys! :)

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“Awww! Look at him!”



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Road Report: Brooke White Covers the Beatles With David Archuleta


Brooke White is riding high on the release of her debut album, ‘High Hopes & Heartbreak,’ and now the 26-year-old Arizona native is on tour with fellow ‘American Idol’ alum Michael Johns. In this Road Report, White recalls her Salt Lake City show where fellow ‘Idol’ contestant David Archuleta joined her and Johns on stage for a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Let it Be.’

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Now not to show favoritism — we love every show because they all have their own unique “feeling” or energy to it — but we had an inkling that SLC was going to be big. Why? Well, for one, it is our tourmate Benton Paul’s hometown, and two, if our ‘Idol’ show in Salt Lake last summer was any indication of fan reaction, we knew we would be welcomed with open arms.

We had a rather last-minute change of location from the Avalon to the Murray Theater. It became lunch time, and word on the street was that there was a Chik-fil-A nearby, Michael Johns pretty much only eats KFC, Chik-fil-A and Outback. Chik-fil-A is his favorite, so we headed down to the mall food court and had some chicken. I’m gonna have to agree — Chik-fil-A is pretty delicious. I also found myself a new pair of Vans sneakers that are stylish and comfortable.

We made our way back to the theater in time to leave for another Borders in-store performance. It was another good turn out and we enjoyed a welcoming little group of friendly fans. When we arrived back at the venue, we were surprised by a long line of people waiting for the show — exciting! We went in for a very short soundcheck, and by the time I went back outside to climb on the bus, the line had tripled. I began to recognize several familiar faces — extended family and old friends from high school — and it was treat to have so many people there that I actually knew. Seeing so many people there to support us was endearing. I went and gave a high five to every person standing in line.

When it became show time, both Benton and Michael came off the stage with the inevitable “high” that comes after a good show. They must of said a million times, “That audience was incredible.” As usual, I had nervousness, but I couldn’t help be anxious and experience it for myself. I walked out on stage and looked out into the crowd and for the first time of the tour couldn’t see an empty space in the room! Everyone was so happy to be there, and so was I. Every song felt good, all of ‘em!

As we anticipated, the show was everything we’d hoped it would be. At the end of the set, we decided to put together a little impromptu version of ‘Let it Be’ with all of us on stage along with a special surprise guest appearance. I started out on piano and sang the first verse, then Benton came on stage singing, “And when the broken hearted people, living in the world agree.” Then Michael came out singing, “For though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they will see.” In unison we sang “Let it be.” After a face-melting guitar solo by Kevin came the loud, ear-piercing shrill of screaming girls as our close friend David Archuleta came on stage to sing, “And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me.” It was a great moment, and we all felt on top of the world. The whole theater was on fire with “let it be,” and of course we couldn’t stop there. The band busted out ‘Proud Mary’ — Michael was the only one that knew the words, but we were all up singing “Rollin’, Rollin’, rollin’ on the river!” I even danced — fun times. At the end of the song, we all hugged, took a bow and ran off the stage feeling pretty darn good when Michael said, “Brooke, you didn’t sing ‘Radio Radio’!” The audience still seemed good for another song, so I ran out there and we sang ‘Radio Radio.’ Oh, what a night. Thankful…

We just rolled into Lawrence, Kansas and I am due for a shower and some lunch. And, of course, this here blog was not as short as I planned. Ah well, just too much life on the road to try to condense. I’m worn out and am kind of feeling homesick, but I know these kind of experiences don’t come around everyday. Living in the moment and taking lots of pictures. Thanks to our fans … everything we do, we do it for you :) .


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David Archuleta singing Proud Mary with Brooke White and Michael Johns

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 ; Murray Theater




smellin some AI7 LOVE in the air =) It was undeniably a F-U-N concert!!


“Epic Let it Be and Proud Mary with the whole gang! They all rocked it out! Go Brooke, Michael, Benton and David!!”

David Archuleta surprises the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns/Benton Paul concert.

David Archuleta surprises the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns/Benton Paul concert.

David singing Let it Be!

David singing Let it Be!

AI7 L-O-V-E! <3

Michael, David, Brooke ^__^

Michael, David, Brooke ^__^

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