From @MirandaTacchia:

My weekend is best summed up by a drawing of @DavidArchie fans. Enjoy!

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I normally don’t write much on my blog because I just like posting artwork and calling it a day, instead of rambling unnecessarily. But for this one, I really wanted to share the story behind it…

My boyfriend, Ben started playing bass for David Archuleta back in April of this year, and we flew to Gilbert, AZ this weekend because David was headlining the 2011 Constitution Fair, an annual event held in the city of Gilbert. I was really thrilled to finally get to see a live performance because I had never been to one of his shows, only a rehearsal just before they toured Asia back in July– So this was a brand new and exciting experience for me! Danielle and I (Steven, the drummer’s wife) got to hang out on stage during the sound check and sat front row during the show. Obviously, we had a great time. One of the things I really enjoyed was watching the younger, die-hard Archie fans. They exhibited the whole spectrum of emotion, from sheer glee to hysterical screams and sobs. They were so devoted! After I managed to get backstage again (Getting passed security was a whole other story in itself, which I may have to make a separate post about later on!) we stayed in the trailer a little while before it was time to go back to our hotel. The way it worked was the band got in the van first and pulled up near the barricade where the fans gathered, then David ran out to give them one last smile and wave goodbye, hopped in the van with the rest of the band, and we sped off. It was surreal being inside that van but still being a spectator. It was an experience I’ll never forget… And a story I had to make into a drawing.

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