Here are some behind the scenes footage along with some interviews from the My Kind Of Christmas Tour 2011 while David was in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We would like to thank Lance McGavin and Stetson Gleave, in collaboration with Haugen Creative for the footage and editing from the Salt Lake City show Dec 2011.

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

((WATCH IN HD FOR THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE!!) I had a blast working on this project! I have decided to re-create David’s MKOC Tour as a holiday gift to all of his I hope that you enjoy watching it! Thanks to everyone whose video and audio appears in this video…credits are at the very end in case you are interested. Have a Happy Saturday and Happy Holidays everyone xD

Set List:

Sleigh Ride ((00:26))
Melodies Of Christmas ((3:30))
B-day & Costco Chatter ((7:37))
This Christmas ((8:30))
The Other Side of Down (12:33))
Wait Chatter ((15:53))
Wait ((16:25))
Chatter about Writing Wait ((19:50))
Zero Gravity ((20:21))
Crush ((23:52))
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ((27:46))
David Thanks Fans For Supporting Music and Shares A Gift With Audience ((31:10))
The Christmas Song ((32:30))
Childfund Talk ((36:20))
Climb Every Mountain ((39:23))


Ave Maria ((42:52))
Talks About Singing Ave Maria And Pat A Pan Intro ((48:34))
Pat A Pan ((49:42))
Brings Kids On Stage And Asks Them Their Names ((53:12))
What Christmas Is About ((55:38))
Pick A Hat From The Box ((58: 34))
MKOC Poem ((1:00:13))
Fa La La La La ((1:01:50))
Band Intro ((1:04:55))
Talks About Latino X-Mas on Mom’s Side and Intro To I Need A Silent Night ((1:05:53))
I Need A Silent Night ((1:07:10))
Mic Stand Humor ((1:10:20))
Oh Holy Night ((1:10:52))
The First Noel Intro ((1:16:33))
The First Noel ((1:17:09))
Riu Riu Chiu Intro ((1:21:41))
Riu Riu Chiu ((1:22:02))
Silent Night ((1:25:29))


Little Drummer Boy ((1:31:00))


Credit: 0o0bluedots0o0

From @jenleighbarry:

Check out more beautiful photos on Jen’s smugmug gallery!

Dec 262011

All from @Shell_eeeyyy:





See more on Shelley’s twitpic page!

Fans at the VIP of the final MKOC Tour stop in Beaver Creek, Colorado singing a song for David. This is so touching <333 Hearts all over the world!

From StarryNites01 :

My pal Karin and I changed the lyrics around to the Jackson 5 song I’ll Be There to help articulate a message to David from all of his fans around the world. We wanted him to know how happy we are for him right now and how much we’ll always continue to support him. We performed the song at the last VIP for the My Kind of Christmas tour.

Thanks to everyone at the Beaver Creek, Colorado VIP for participating and thanks to Kari for recording video for us!


You are on a special path
Your light will shine the world and back
Let your heart guide you
And we’ll be there

We’ll support this dream for you
We have faith in all you do
Whenever you need us
We’ll be there

We’ll be there
We’ll be there

Just call our names
And we’ll be there

Final stop on the My Kind of Christmas Tour. Looks like it’s going to be the last one for a while now. Certainly a very special show. Lucky fans who are there tonight!!
DBB will be adding updates as they come along.

From @lizmag3 :

At the venue

From @rhiminee at the VIP:

David said he would never stop doing music, even on his mission. He’s just putting the career part on hold.

Also from @rhiminee:

He said this is the fav tour he’s ever done because there were so many obstacles & ppl trying to stop them. And because it means so much …

From David:

From Shell_eeeyyy:

He sang Waiting on the world to change! EPIC


David did Waiting on the World to Change acoustic with Jeff LeBlanc. It was AMAZING.

Apparently the venue’s security was really strict about cameras:(

But here are some pics!

Pic from @KOKO21!

@davidarchie Outside the bus

From @zerogravity1 :

And we have a video!! Jeff LeBlanc and David singing “Waiting On The World To Change”!!! Thanks so much marknilanjr for the video!

Another one:

Credit: jeffleblanc

A little twitter recap from @zerogravity1 (Karin):

From the start of the VIP to the last bang of the drum in LDB… it was all amazing! I’ll give some highlights…..

We sang a song for David in VIP to let him know how much we adore him & support him. It was set to I’ll Be There but we changed the words to suit the occasion. David was very touched and everyone in VIP sounded AMAZING singing it. We have it on video. Everyone told David exactly what they wanted to tell David at VIP & there were lots of hugs & special moments. David sang the VIP songs then I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus. It was hard to not cry your eyes out for that. It was so emotional and David lives every word of that song every day. It was beautiful! He answered questions… he already knows where he is going on his Mission but wants to keep in a bit private for now but he said he knows it will impact him when he is there and when he gets home as well. David explained some of his favorite parts of tour. He was very chatty! And just presh! The show was a blast! The band came over w/ the kids during Fa La La La & D asked them all their names. They all answered D in funny voices. David was so funny! Jeff & Stix also came out w/ Santa hats on & played guitar during Fa La La as a joke! D was like o.O !!

From @StevenJRob (Steven!):

During Fa La La, David brought on the 3 kids, and who came on the stage right after them? Me, Asaf, and Alex!

The look on Archie mans face was Classic! He asked our names, and we answered him in our girly/kiddy voices. Ha ha ha!!

David meeting fans after the show:

Credit: YouCanCallMeTina

From @KimmieDavid :

To all David fans: He does plan on not only returning to music when mission is over but touring and concerts as well! Per David himself. :)

Good Place/ Let It Be (VIP):

Credit: ShelleyFOD

Q&A and Good Place (VIP):

Credit: djhsail

David singing “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus” at VIP: I can’t stop my tears at this beautiful performance.

Credit: ShelleyFOD

Credit: 8throwcenter

Credit: djhsail

Fans sing Happy Birthday to David

Credit: ShelleyFOD

Fa La La La La

Credit: cadthu

An emotional time for all. Thank you for being who you are, David. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. All the best for your next journey in life! Your fans will always love you and support you!!!

Melodies of Christmas

Credit: 8throwcenter

I Am A Child of God (VIP)

Dream Sky High (VIP)

This Christmas

Climb Every Mountain

The First Noel

Credit: ShelleyFOD

Mission Announcement

O Holy Night

Credit: pattycake04

Thanks to jtmlm1234 for these videos.

Fa La La La La with Mama Lupe and Jonah too!

Dress rehearsal – Riu Riu Chiu

Dress rehearsal – O Holy Night

Credit: BetsysView

Our own Aishwarya_aura has some lovely vids on her YT channel, aura3000:
(HD videos!! yipeeee!)

VIP – Happy Birthday

Silent Night

O Holy Night

Sleigh Ride


This Christmas

This Christmas from Tina (YT – YouCanCallMeTina) :

Fa La La La La, credit to jtmlm1234 : David + sweet little kids =

From ArchiesCrush :

O Holy Night:


Sleigh Ride

Credit: daviddailycom

Zero Gravity

Credit: abermudes

Little Drummer Boy

Credit: ShelleyFOD

UPDATE: Naree’s photos HERE !

Last show of the California leg of the My Kind of Christmas Tour!

From @Shell_eeeyyy :

From @mellowdeeLEE :


David learned “Climb Every Mountain” after hearing @GuySebastian sing it on Australian Idol. Said he’s “a big fan of Guy Sebastian”

From @KaleiLuvsHawaii:



Had a great time at my great friend @DavidArchie ‘s Christmas concert this evening . he killed every song!!

Amazing pictures from @Shell_eeeyyy :

Shelley has more on her twitpic HERE!


Ave Maria:

Credit: ArchieFanDoc

My Kind of Christmas poem: (HEARTS!
Credit: booradleigh

Fa La La La La: (SO CUTE!!!)

Credit: booradleigh

The First Noel (No video but awesome audio):

Credit: ThinkofMeArchie

Little Drummer Boy:

Credit: booradleigh

I just have to post this. David singing Happy Birthday to fans at VIP:

Credit: daviddailycom

David’s tour manager, Kari tweeted this from Ventura :


Getting ready for tonight’s Ventura show!

From @KaleiLuvsHawaii :

The band setting up

From @Fanscene

Brooke White and hubby here..sitting right next to them. :D

Crowd going NUTS!


“The most awkward thing happened! A lady and young girl went up to the stage and David was “hello” security had to escort her away”

– omg what. lol

From @FanScene :

David telling us about the @ChildFund child in Honduras he is sponsoring


@DavidArchie is such a star

From @KaleiLuvsHawaii :

From @rhiminee :

From @christian792 :

Ventura videos:

Good Place (VIP):

Credit: brandibunn1

Climb Every Mountain:

Credit: jtmlm1234

I Need A Silent Night:

Credit: jtmlm1234

Little Drummer Boy:

Credit: jtmlm1234

Riu Riu Chiu:

Credit: jtmlm1234

The First Noel

Credit: ShelleyFOD

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