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Credit: Sheen Irerick Seeckts

Sep 272012

From @MyDearWriter :

Josh after the fight scene… yeah, he’s smiling. :) Cropped the pic of course. #NAmemories pic.twitter.com/XZ2FHedE

Josh/David sure does recover fast ;)

And Kari (KS) posted these pics of David playing a guitar on D’s twitter!

From @DavidArchie :

Some of you have been asking if I have a pictures of D playing guitar. Here is one of him between scenes on NA (KS) pic.twitter.com/tbXTSaEg

Here is one more of David playing the guitar on the set of Nandito Ako. (KS) pic.twitter.com/t66roVjF

From @kariontour:

Happy Birthday Josh Bradley! This is a picture of @DavidArchie with the actor that played “young Josh” in Nandito Ako


From @oheulacaballero:

 Waiting. #DA2014



From @JoAnnBanaga:

@peacesignpam @DavidArchie @kariontour yup..that’s me in black. that was David’s first day on his way to meeting the rest of the TV5 team

@peacesignpam @aisimchan @DavidArchie @kariontour oh! there’s me again in black and white. He was doing his spiel to his Filipino fans here.

@pastelpastel @peacesignpam @aisimchan @DavidArchie@kariontour - David is spontaneous. Just there to make sure everything is addressed.

@peacesignpam @DavidArchie Never heard David complain. He always had good word for people. Always had a smile for everyone all the time.

@aisimchan @pastelpastel @peacesignpam @davidarchie@kariontour - I will always remember David as someone who loves to surprise people.

@pastelpastel @aisimchan @peacesignpam @davidarchie@kariontour - he’s selfless. he makes surprise visits to sick production team members.

From @kariontour:

@oheulacaballero wishing you all the best today. Happy Birthday! Miss and luv ya!


“Forevermore” album is the champion of the Top 100 albums on MyMusicStore Philippines.

Then the “Forevermore” and “Nandito Ako” singles occupy the #1 and 2 spots respectively in the Top 100 Songs list.

This was first published by JR at TDC, but I thought it’s too good not to share! As iTunes has stopped selling “Forevermore”, please head over to MyMusicStore to buy the album!

Apr 282012

Here is a “backstage tour” onset at one of the many locations where Nandito Ako was filmed. I hope you enjoy it.

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

From @kariontour:

who was at the concert filming of NA &  recognizes yourself or anyone in this pic other then the back of @DavidArchie http://pic.twitter.com/473y4g1B

Credit: ohnopurple

Credit: djHudgens

From @rsfrancisco888 (who played Volta on Nandito Ako):


missing this guy already!!!



cake from david…. sweet! pic.twitter.com/o8U97GNy

at that time, no occasion..david just sent us.hes that sweet…

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