Keep voting, Archies! We can do this!:) For David’s new album “No Matter How Far” coming out this March 26th:)

Click below to go over and vote on :-

Also, “Don’t Run Away” has been starting to get picked up on radio stations, so get your requests in too!

David had recorded a song on Dapo Toromiro and Lisa Murray’s project “Dapo And Friends Christmas”!

@LisaMurray tweeted this :

@Nellie1983 It looks like we’ll be okay to upload tomorrow. :-) David sings one song, yes. We hope you love it as much as we do!!

I looks like we’re on track to release “Dapo & Friends Christmas” tomorrow! Who’s excited? :-P (*raises hand)

“@HanneDenmark: @LisaMurray OMG – is it now?? Raises BOTH hands!!!!” It will be at some point on Friday – probably later in the day!


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