Had a thought in my head that I wanted to share with you all while in the Philippines filming Nandito Ako about my future while I am gone on my mission.

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Vlog transcript from @MaggieFOD via DAVN:

“Hey, everybody. It’s David here. Right now we’re just currently in the Philippines shooting for the mini series I’ve been filming, “Nandito Ako.” Just thought I’d make a video about a thought, you know, thoughts I have while I’m gone.

Of course, I haven’t left yet at this point right here, but just wondering about my mission. You know, how things are going to go. It will be interesting being gone for two years and wondering what kind of people I’m going to meet while I’m gone. I wonder a lot about the people who I’m close to, you know, my family and my friends: how they’ll be, how they’ll grow on their own while I’m gone and away from them, not in contact with them or in touch with them anymore. But, it’s kind of a neat thing to think about, too, it’s a scary thought to think. You know, I won’t have my family and friends there, the people that I’m used to growing with; but that’s what’s exciting, too. I’ll be growing in my own way, in a way I wouldn’t ever get to normally because I would never separate myself from everything that I’m comfortable with. So it’s always challenging but I think it’s those challenges that we look forward to and that’s how we grow, right? So I’m looking forward to that challenge. I’m worried about it because I do worry about my family and people I care about and even the fans, you know. Wondering how everyone’s gonna continue with life as I’m not that normal part of it anymore, but I can’t wait to bring back the person I become while I have that time away. So that’s my thought for now, inside David’s head before he’s gone. I’m sure, you know, a thought to put to you guys while I’m gone and I’ll say more later.”

From BSCKids:

David Archuleta Dishes On Future After His Mormon Mission

David Archuleta may be on a mission for the next 2 years or so, but he hasn’t forgotten about the people back home. He recently shared a vlog (that he filmed before going away on his mission) where he talks about his future as a whole and his life. He isn’t one to shy away from making vlogs as regular updates for her Archies to follow him around and to see what he is up to. He clearly did not want to lose his connection to his fan base and has been working hard to follow through with what he believes in. It may feel like a long 2 years, but we all know that he is planning to make his official come back worth it all.

I know a lot of people are proud of David and we all should be. He is doing something that he has strong convictions in and has been done by others for years. It is a nice touch that clearly proves fame and success has not changed him. He should be happy to know that his fans indeed have not abandoned him and will not. They seem ready to stand tall and hold on to every tidbit that his manager shares of this exciting time for David. It should help make for some interesting interviews and music alike from David soon enough. All we need to do is offer our support and compassion for his big heart.

Are you glad that he pre-filmed this video? I am, it was a nice surprise by him. I think we all already knew how important we are to him, but I don’t know how many of us were prepared for how much he was going to miss us. It seems like his life has changed a whole lot since his stint on American Idol and I guess in a lot of ways he has become more popular than he thought. However, they are being great about his current mission and I am sure that will only grow their bond with him even more. No doubt he will always make sure that he will not let down his fans, like they haven’t let him down. So I will close this out with a major applause for David and his passion for people in general.

From @kariontour:

@Jedi4Life he was really worried about the grave site scene. He wanted to make sure he was believable. So many fun scenes its hard to say. [in reply to @Jedi4Life@kariontour Hi Kari! Wud u happen to know which scene David felt was the most difficult to do, and which was the most fun for him?]

Look at this mesmerizing banner!

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From @kariontour:

Some of u posted pix in front of @DavidArchie BENCH ad. We pulled over on the hwy 2 get this. TY @benchtm & @BCbench :) http://pic.twitter.com/NhPdZTnc

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@nareejo well Where you are and NA were recorded first for the series and before he even decided to record an album. it was the last few days of filming when we started choosing songs and getting suggestions from the cast and crew. It was while we were in Singapore we started giving the list of songs to Ivory for clearance. Only really on the way to the studio in the van was when he looked over the words and listen to the track for the songs he was recording on that day.

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From @kariontour:

As We Wait For David Archuleta I just want to thank all the Archies for the support you keep showing him and myself. TY


@Marylee_DA2014 That picture was taking in the studio with @jaydurias when @DavidArchie was recording “Rainbow”

@betsyjane25 yes, when he was recoding Rainbow. A little info…there was was a few versions of Rainbow recoded…..

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Apr 282012

Here is a “backstage tour” onset at one of the many locations where Nandito Ako was filmed. I hope you enjoy it.

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

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