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Also, “Don’t Run Away” has been starting to get picked up on radio stations, so get your requests in too!

LOL I never believed I could stand so much embarrassment esp. singing one of David’s songs LIVE on AIR! Guess I feel a li’l better now assuming no one recognized the terrible-sounding me (none of them contacted me so I think that’s fine and I hope the radio peeps don’t have a recording of that!) So let me tell you what really happened..I call this amaaazzzing local English-only radio station in Chennai, India (where I live haha!) to request the same old thing i.e. play David’s songs, add his songs to their really good playlist and all that usual stuff. He told me to call up during the request shows so that they could play his songs. Sadly I work during that time so I wouldn’t have a chance to listen. So then he told me he’d speak to his manager to add David’s songs to this playlist.
And ironically the topic for that hour of the show was “Which reality show would you like to take part in?” So first he was like would you like to take part in the show? I was like sure, why not! Was that a mistake? No, comin to think of it now, I guess me fangirling was totally worth it!:D
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Then I went on air and it felt really nice and obviously I told the DJ I would love to take part in AI (yeah right! Geez wonder if I’d really do that considering the drama and hype that surrounds it, and most of all with my funny voice NO WAY!) but still it was nice playin along. And the next question just totally brought out that fan girl in me! Yikes! He asked me, “Who’s your fav contestant ever?” and then my voice got all high and squeaky and I answered, “Ever? My Fav Contestant EVER? That HAS to be DAVID ARCHULETA”! There! I had said it with so much joy and energy, I literally had to contain myself from sayin anything more coz he shot the next questions pretty quickly after acknowledging my love for David LOL! I was such a happy woman right there just to be able to tell the world ( I mean ppl in my city:D) how much I love this awesome guy! I was floating with happiness and suddenly everything went boom! He had just asked me to sing a few lines! And what song was in my head right that moment was “Somebody Out There” and the next instant I knew I was butcherin the song! How pathetic! LOL I messed up on the lyrics BIG TIME and abruptly stopped! Still, the DJ was nice enough to shoot a li’l compliment, thank you for that :) Gah! I was soo nervous coz he was like “you’ve got 30 mins now sing for us!” anyways I’m over all that funny stuff and it was jus fabulous to be able to express my feelings to everyone who was listening! May be the DJ guy would now pretty well know me as a David-obsessed fan coz I went to the radio station, met him in person a few days later (he’s too cool!) and requested him to play David’s songs!

So then after a few days I got yet another chance to spaz about David to the producer this time! Thanks to my sis for winning those tics for the Harry Potter special screening LOL! After the movie was over we waited quite a bit and caught her to convey our thank-yous and then I chipped in “Could you play David Archuleta’s songs please?” and she goes “oohhh ok I’ll tel my manager that there are David Archuleta fans out here who want to listen to his songs on the radio..” and I got super excited at this point!:) I seriously said “OMG yaaaayyyy” and she replied “My manager is gonna cringe coz he’s a rock person, but still I will defi tell him about this!” So then we walked some distance and before she entered the building she was heading to (Note: I didn’t say anything after that last conversation!) she said “Bye, nice meeting you” and she looks at me and goes “I will tel about David Archuleta to my manager” and I was totally taken by surprise and filled with immense joy! I really didn’t expect her to remember! It was really nice!

Hopefully the manager gets my message!:)) Till then this fan ain’t resting!:)

Hopin to blog many many more times about my various radio encounters and some other stuff as well! ( I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have lots of ‘em now bwahahahaha!)

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