Awesome he is in Singapore again!

From @manicmai :

The autograph place #ArchieInSG

@yyacobbsg :

Inside! #ArchieinSG

Wish I can record the screams here


David will be singing #ArchieInSG



From @MarleenLevina :

Autograph Session @ HMV Marina Square @DavidArchieIndo @DavidArchie

From @RainerKwan:

David Archuleta at Marina Square HMV today!


DAVID ARCHULETA UPCLOSE :,) not gonna wash my right hand hahaha

From @muhdirfan :

He who listens to every word I say.


He who is truly my brother for life.

Oh hellooo there Larissa :)

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he was half-sitting/half-standing at one point heh

VIDEOS from David’s Official Website!! :)

David Archuleta was in Singapore to do a signing session for fans at the HMV Marina Square music store on Feb 5, 2012. He also delighted fans with a cappella performances of his hit songs “Wait” and “Something ‘Bout Love”. Check them out below:

Vids credit to DArchSiteVids.

And another one!

David singing Something ‘Bout Love:

Credit: LilyYurimi

Feb 042012

Woot! David has arrived in Singapore and has a signing session at HMV Marina Square at 4 PM local time!

From David Archuleta SG :

From @jeffirfan :

This is it. Josh Bradley! #ArchieInSG

Arrival video! :)

Credit: NL11394

Here are some pictures from the signing today!

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David has a signing session going on at the Deseret Book store in Boise, Idaho!

From @Archugeezer :

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2 hours and going strong.

From @natalieSOfly :

Just met David Archuleta NBD :)

From @DavidArchie :

Last signing for the week is tonight at 6:30 PM in downtown Salt Lake at the JSMB building!

Woops, you’re right! The signing is actually at Deseret Book on South Temple! RT @djoorhontshoyn are you sure it’s not across the street.

From @ambforevah:

Link of me singing for @DavidArchie tonight: Thank you so much David! You are amazing :)

Pics from @gemzone :

Here is Ashlee and @DavidArchie

From @gemzone courtesy of her friend Danielle:

From @ambforevah :

@DavidArchie is such a nice person (:

These ones below are from Deseret Book FB :

Waiting in line to meet David Archuleta

Credit: ziffle77

Video from KSL News!

Check out more pictures from the KSL photo gallery HERE!


2 done 1 to go! The 2nd of the 3 signing sessions in Utah was held today at Deseret Book on FT Union in Midvale. The next one will be in Salt Lake City on 25th Nov.

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Another from Susan :

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Thanks everyone who took these pics!


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Here is @DavidArchie, he was signing autographs and i got one (: & he is beautiful.

From @courtneeychen :

From @gemzone :

From @ambforevah :

He signed my arm:) @DavidArchie oh he is my favorite. I loved meeting him again!!!

From @Peace_Love_Kell :

Me and @DavidArchie :’)

Video from the signing:

Credit: SRHS83

David is out and about doing promo for the “Glad Christmas Tidings” CD/DVD release with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

From @DavidArchie :

Signing 5000 copies of the Glad Christmas Tidings CD that was with the choir. Phew! Haha I’ll let you know how to get one!

From David's facebook :

“Phew!” indeed!

@MoTabChoir :

@DavidArchie Thank you for signing all 5,000 copies of Glad Christmas Tidings today.

David and his ever awesomeness.. Please get some hand-rest, David! <3

David had a book signing event at Power Books Greenbelt 4 (Event listing from the Official Site) :

@SuperBuknoy_FOD :

David Archuleta in the house, er bookstore!!!

This is actually a cool picture :)

Check out more pictures from the book signing on National Book Store facebook page

And then at SM Southmall:

From @SuperBuknoy_FOD :

@charlzeand7 :

@DavidArchie sang My Kind Of Perfect and Something ‘Bout Love acapella. Wow to him. He’s really amazing. =)

From SonyMusicPh :

David Archuleta now onstage at SM Southmall for The Other Side Of Down (AsianEd) album signing!

More of @DavidArchie photo from SM Southmall TOSOD (AsianEd) album signing..Archienoys thanks for coming!!!

From @savedbyTHEbambu :

Video! :

@nareejo :

BOOKSIGNING IN MANILA he was so sweet and humble and inspiring

Credit: jtmlm1234

And this is such a sweet happening:

Credit: melowcolette

Credit: yojan17

Credit: yani27july1991

LOTS of people at the signing at SM Megamall!

From @PinoyArchie :


@urieldavid :

Omg david is here! Wearing stripes shirt.


David Archuleta’s here at Megamall Building A. The crowd’s gone wild. Haha! They’re all chanting for him. Its crazy. :D

From @andimanzano :

@urieldavid :


@SuperBuknoy_FOD :

David showed much love to his Filipino fans. TOSOD ATE & concert promo Q & A from fans. Killer Stand By Me. Just sayin’.

The following pictures are by @madelasuncion :

Video of David singing Stand By Me! *insert mega squeee-ing here*

Credit: samshiga

Full coverage of David Archuleta at SM Megamall Meet and Greet:

Credit: OrangeMagazineTV

Q&A with David:

Credit: samshiga

David leaving SM Megamall:

Credit: joanna00marie

Odysseylive.Net facebook page has some more great pictures from the signing — CLICK HERE

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