“Broken” from David’s album BEGIN. premieres on Hot FM 91.3 in Singapore soon! Archie fans in Singapore, make sure to listen to 91.3!! Of course you are listening :)

From @Boythunder913 :

Everyone can listen online on Hot FM 91.3 HERE! (Click on the “listen live” link on the top right corner!)

Thanks @janetstef for the pic!


Scans courtesy of @Zaren89:





Scans courtesy of @Zaren89:



Feb 102012

A vlog from David showing highlights of his stay in Singapore!

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Check out some of the things I did on my trip to Singapore

From @Zaren89:

For those who have not seen it. Remembering the moments of Feb 7th. David Live @ Avalon, Singapore 2012. :)  http://twitpic.com/8ijmke

Nice interview from RazorTV!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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So this is Avalon, where @Davidarchie will be performing!

Wow awesome!

From @Salamahafifi :

I am this close yo

@rocktellme :

So far @DavidArchie sang tonight – Pokemon theme song, Wait, Elevator, Heaven , Crush, MKOP, TOSOD, Good Place at Avalon in SG by @davidasg

cont* @DavidArchie sang Good Place/Let It Be, My Hands #ArchieInSG by @davidasg

!! POKEMON THEME SONG, GUYS… Well he is the true Pokemon Master after all.

From Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom :

Speaking of Pokemon,


I gave him my pikachu when he first came out. He put it on the keyboard. You guys are gonna see it in EVERY video, no joke. #ArchieInSG

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Intro including a bit of the Pokemon theme song!:

Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech

Credit: NL11394


Credit: pinkamech

Good Place/Let It Be:

Credit: pinkamech

The Other Side of Down:

Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech

My Kind of Perfect:

Credit: pinkamech

My Hands:

Credit: pinkamech

Also from the day, here are some great interviews with David!

TODAY interview:

Credit: TODAYdigital

XINMSN interview:

Video: David Archuleta leaving in a couple of months time for his Mormon Mission!

A very touching message from David to us.

Click below to head over to BlogTV.sg facebook to watch the video!

David, YOU have changed OUR lives in amazing ways. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done! We love you!!

Here is David’s new vlog from Singapore!! :)

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

In Singapore for a few days. Hanging out by the water enjoying the weather.

Aaand some great pics from @kariontour :

Here is a photo from last nights Star World event.

From @DavidArchie:

Hey SG fans, join me on StarHub Entertainment on Facebook for a video chat tomorrow, 12 Noon at http://on.fb.me/scSXER. Hope to see you there!

Update: Recorded video of the live chat:

David Archuleta on livechat in Singapore from Larissa Cheong on Vimeo.

On Youtube:

Part 1:

Credit: StarHub

Part 2:

Credit: StarHub

Awesome he is in Singapore again!

From @manicmai :

The autograph place #ArchieInSG

@yyacobbsg :

Inside! #ArchieinSG

Wish I can record the screams here


David will be singing #ArchieInSG



From @MarleenLevina :

Autograph Session @ HMV Marina Square @DavidArchieIndo @DavidArchie

From @RainerKwan:

David Archuleta at Marina Square HMV today!


DAVID ARCHULETA UPCLOSE :,) not gonna wash my right hand hahaha

From @muhdirfan :

He who listens to every word I say.


He who is truly my brother for life.

Oh hellooo there Larissa :)

From @sillynillyjilly :

From @diaaana :

he was half-sitting/half-standing at one point heh

VIDEOS from David’s Official Website!! :)

David Archuleta was in Singapore to do a signing session for fans at the HMV Marina Square music store on Feb 5, 2012. He also delighted fans with a cappella performances of his hit songs “Wait” and “Something ‘Bout Love”. Check them out below:

Vids credit to DArchSiteVids.

And another one!

David singing Something ‘Bout Love:

Credit: LilyYurimi

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