May 092012

From @DavidArchie:

From David: No way! That is amazing that it got to 1 million even while I am away! Please tell the fans that I am loving it here and having some really wonderful experiences, and that I can’t thank them enough for the support that they’ve shown even while I’m away! A part of my heart is always with them. (ks)

From @anagfeleo:

Archiekins, happy DA day :) NA Bts :)


From @kariontour:

Once again a WWTT Archies!!!! Happy Daivd Archuleta Day!!! This deserves a photo and something else special.


Credit: zzcali

Credit: QuinnBlairWaldorf

A new old never-before-seen tiny pic:




David Archuleta’s Twitter milestone – We don’t get many opportunities to hear from David during his Mormon mission, but on Wednesday he did choose to relay a message to his fans to express his gratitude when it comes to reaching the million-follower milestone.

In a new post on Twitter, here is what Cook’s fellow season 7 alum had to say courtesy of his team (who are managing his account while he is away):

“No way! That is amazing that it got to 1 million even while I am away! Please tell the fans that I am loving it here and having some really wonderful experiences, and that I can´t thank them enough for the support that they´ve shown even while I´m away! A part of my heart is always with them.”

Archuleta will have a new album coming out later this year, and the plan is for the team to continually provide some updates along with music to keep people invested in his career in the coming months.

From Natures Knockout facebook:

This was an album cover shoot we did with ….cutie David Archuleta.. watch for the album to be released this fall! :) and yes, we know it will be amazing! btw–all products used on David’s face and hair were SAFE, Natural, & organic, of course-lol! :)

From @kariontour:

@DavidArchie on location shooting for the upcoming album.



From @DavidArchie:

Finished another night of recording!

From @cecitatang:

David Archuleta was at the murray park doing a photo shoot in the parking lot! hahah wish i could of seen him!

From @slimjimkimbo:

Who knew david would be a photo shoot the same time were filming a ranger video at the park:)

An emotional time for all. Thank you for being who you are, David. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. All the best for your next journey in life! Your fans will always love you and support you!!!

Melodies of Christmas

Credit: 8throwcenter

I Am A Child of God (VIP)

Dream Sky High (VIP)

This Christmas

Climb Every Mountain

The First Noel

Credit: ShelleyFOD

Mission Announcement

O Holy Night

Credit: pattycake04

Thanks to jtmlm1234 for these videos.

Fa La La La La with Mama Lupe and Jonah too!

Dress rehearsal – Riu Riu Chiu

Dress rehearsal – O Holy Night

Credit: BetsysView

My heart hurts even though I should be happy for him! Tears is all that is left of every single fan of his! Although it is hard to digest the fact that he wouldn’t be making music during the time, I’m sure we are all going to love and support him through this decision that makes him the happiest and will eagerly await his return to share his gift:)


Dec 102011

An amazing glimpse of nature from @DavidArchie :

Made a stop at Kolob Canyon in Zion.

And ready for the concert!

Here we go! Cedar City, Utah!!

From @mellowdeeLEE :

Another great from @mellowdeeLEE:


GAH! It never gets old! Cedar City LOVES David! GREAT crowd reaction!!!!!

twitvid of WAIT!

Credit: Melody Lee

@lindy590 :

loving this concert!!! Dancing till we drop!!!

From @JessicaNakken :

David archuleta in the building!!! I am officially in love! #tistheseason

@Ktina702 :

@davidarchie your energy tonight is explosive! Having a BLAST in cedar city!

@mellowdeeLEE :

The First Noel – twitvid from Melody Lee! Thanks Melody!

Wait – Full:

Credit: justmellowdee


Credit: shanndelier

The following videos are from MitsyOlsen :

Little Drummer Boy:

Fa La La La La:

Climb Every Mountain:

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas:

Silent Night:

I Need A Silent Night:

Sleigh Ride:

From @DavidArchie :

Last signing for the week is tonight at 6:30 PM in downtown Salt Lake at the JSMB building!

Woops, you’re right! The signing is actually at Deseret Book on South Temple! RT @djoorhontshoyn are you sure it’s not across the street.

From @ambforevah:

Link of me singing for @DavidArchie tonight: Thank you so much David! You are amazing :)

Pics from @gemzone :

Here is Ashlee and @DavidArchie

From @gemzone courtesy of her friend Danielle:

From @ambforevah :

@DavidArchie is such a nice person (:

These ones below are from Deseret Book FB :

Waiting in line to meet David Archuleta

Credit: ziffle77

Video from KSL News!

Check out more pictures from the KSL photo gallery HERE!


2 done 1 to go! The 2nd of the 3 signing sessions in Utah was held today at Deseret Book on FT Union in Midvale. The next one will be in Salt Lake City on 25th Nov.

From @annmarie_moore :

From @Patty467 :

From @SusanFOD :

Another from Susan :

From @PrincessArchie :

From @stidwell53 :

From @edmankelsey :

Thanks everyone who took these pics!


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From @Mecheee_ :

Here is @DavidArchie, he was signing autographs and i got one (: & he is beautiful.

From @courtneeychen :

From @gemzone :

From @ambforevah :

He signed my arm:) @DavidArchie oh he is my favorite. I loved meeting him again!!!

From @Peace_Love_Kell :

Me and @DavidArchie :’)

Video from the signing:

Credit: SRHS83

So, it looks like David is going to have a signing session this November at not 1 Deseret Book store, but 3!!

According to this tweet from @DeseretBook :

@DavidArchie will sign at 3 Utah Deseret Book stores -11/21 U-Village @ 4pm, 11/22 Ft Union @4pm, and 11/25 downtown SLC store @7:30pm.

Deseret Book-University village in Orem, Utah also posted this on their facebook page :

Keep checking David’s official website for word on this as well!

UPDATE: The Official Site has confirmed this event:

So Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk of AI season 10 happened to see David at the airport. :) And David also tweeted about it the day before.

@DavidArchie :

Back in Utah!! Ran into the idol season 10 folks at the airport too! Cool coincidence.

From @CAbramsAI10 :

Seeing David archuleta was pretty cool. I hope I get to see him perform

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