Feb 252010

David Archuleta on his recent vlog asks for his fans’ suggestions on what he can do to his hair. Watch the video below:


It’s so cool that he EVEN asks his fans about this. I mean, I have never heard of any artist do such thing.. (Or I am just not aware. Haha!) But regardless, short or long hair.. We love you David. :)

So if you have suggestions for him, leave him a comment on his video or tweet him!

Dec 312009

I’m in El Paso, Texas for the Sun Bowl today. Looking forward to performing tomorrow. So crazy that we’ve reached the end of the year, and the end of the decade! It’s been such a great one though, with so many memories. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead in life, and hope to keep making you guys proud. Thanks so much you guys!

Credit: theofficialarchuleta


i beggeth thy forgiveness if this is SO dang old that i ought to be shot! :D   i am after all the insignificant island dweller :D   its from SLC, so given the fab n gifted hunters that the archies are, this may have done its rounds YONKS ago n i may have just missed it amongst the multitude of all things david that i’ve weepingly missed in the recent past, but heck, reruns of david of any sort aint anything CLOSE to a bad thing right? i’ll tell myself that for consolation as i hit the sack at 3am :)


heck in keeping with the concept that no david rerun is ANYTHING close to bad, i’m gonnna repost his gorgeous vlog from the road! the sweetest thing ever – the boy AND the vlog :D “i’m not used to finishing talking” says he while we WISH he’d never stop :D


just blame the insignificant for being insignificant lol :D

Oct 222009

In New York doing some writing! Working with Jeymes Samuel. I think that’s how you spell his name…. But anyway, I had a great time writing in Nashville! Hoping to go back soon!


is he inside a washroom or closet? haha

Oct 192009

Week of David News:
-XMAS tour dates posted!!
-Follow us on twitter :)
-David speaking at Womens Conference
-David hosting KIWI radio
-CONTEST: please send us your favorite picture of David EVER, and then we will pick the best one and make it our background on our channel!!!
deadline: Sunday November 1st


I love these girls!

Visit their Youtube Channel, iheartarchuleta415

And follow them on twitter =) EmilyLizzy =)


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Oct 082009

David Archuleta from his recent vlog, HAHA!

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Oct 082009


Yay! Finally his cheeks are back to normal!
Oh and he got a brand new HAIRCUT! xD

We’re pretty much excited about the Christmas album too!
We love you David! Best of luck in nationals!

My voice is back! VLOG

Posted by frogcooke at 8:57 pm
Aug 182009

His blogs are cute! Keep talking about nothing, its entertaining. haha


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