From @kariontour:

Hey! Lets see if we can make @DavidArchie 2 videos the #1 OPM video and #1 foreign video at the same @IvoryMusicVideo


!!!!! The official HQ video is out!! :D

From channelVHD :

And on the OS!:

gah! it’s all sorts of awesome! thank you kelvinbeh06 for recording and sharing with us:)

The video premiere will be on Channel V Honk Kong at 8 PM on Christmas Day!!

Credit: h2m180693

Update: Here is the HD version from JRforDA2011!:

More great pictures from the Wait video shoot in Hong Kong from the Channel [V] facebook page! :

Here’s a pic from @channelVHD of David getting ready for his music video for “Wait”, which is being filmed in Hong Kong!

@davidarchie getting ready to shoot…

More pictures from the set by @channelVHD! Thanks so much!

You seem pensive there, D.

From David\'s facebook page!

Video shoot with Channel V in Hong Kong

Check out these great pics on David’s official website!! Click below to go there!

*insert lots of squees and spazzes here*

Oct 272011

from theofficialarchuleta:

Excited to be going to Hong Kong with Channel V! Doing an event with them as well as shooting a music video for my song “Wait” while there in Hong Kong. Went to Florida for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals and then went to Vegas to visit relatives there. Have a show in Singapore Nov. 19 and a few other things coming up.

He’s going to Hong Kong! (And not just the airport this time!). And a music video for “Wait”!! Awesome!

Watch, and leave a comment on his youtube and his official website!

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