David likes Walmart

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Mar 192011

@DavidArchie :

Well, @AubsC1031 saw him there, and shared a picture!

Nice! :)

ETA – From @AubsC1031:

@CleofeArchie yep. Just buyin soap! [in reply to @CleofeArchie: @AubsC1031 woooooooo. You're so lucky. Was he there by himself?]

From @Thekueen:

Archieeeeees!!!! Look what I found on walmart http://twitpic.com/tsams

From @Susan_FOD:

http://twitpic.com/2vsfxw – Walmart in Taylorsville, UT – Almost the whole new release section is TOSOD!

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By: Larissa

New (and more correct??) “Christmas From The Heart” track listings from Walmart

Walmart CFTH track listings


If this track listing is to be trusted…

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is precious!

David Archuleta – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Philadelphia Jingle Ball


Credit: StarryNites01

Though some in the Archie fanbase don’t mix too well with Charice Pempengco, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is a heartbreakingly beautiful song (as demonstrated by Rascal Flatts). David will do it even better.. who cares about who does the background vocals? I won’t.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” – Rascal Flatts


Credit: rascalflattsofficial

And then the traditional hymn “Ave Maria”. Only Heaven knows what Ave Maria in David’s glorious vocals will bring us.

“Ave Maria” – Faryl Smith


Credit: fromzoetermeer

Finally, what in Archie’s name is “Melodies of Christmas” ? A medley? With “Mary Did You Know”? Or… may I dare dream… “The Chestnut Song”, made so fatally heart-stopping by The Voice?

“Chestnuts” – David Archuleta – Albany Jingle Jam


Credit: genevievewang

With CFTH set to release in Singapore on October 12 (as announced by Sony Singapore), I have 30-odd days to endure before the veil is lifted. Fly away, September!!

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